Deepening into the magnetised potential of the personal biosphere we resonate as conscious light. 

Deepening into integration with the Universal Breath we resonate as Universal Consciousness.

Deepening into Universal Consciousness 
we soften into the boundless stillness of the Tao.

We run several weekend and Sunday morning workshops throughout the year. You can see the upcoming dates in our current timetable.
This weekend below has come and gone but we have left it up to give you a sense of the content of our workshops.
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Developing the Personal Biosphere
Quantum based movement and sitting meditation, opening into our biodynamic potential and awakening into universal consciousness. 
21/22 July      £145/£120

Our Personal Biosphere is the magnetised potential arising from the cranial and pelvic poles of the body, expanding and arcing in a toroidal field of radiance. This spherical harmonic is the quantum radiance of our core potential, nourished by the living forces of the universal and planetary fields. Our energy form consists of multiple quantum harmonics nested within each other, a holographic sea of potential from the individual cells, inward to our molecules and atoms, and outward to our organs, structure, planetary forces, atmosphere and universal potential. We are not separate from the ground of existence, we blossom from the one stillness, and are breathed by the life force from the one symphony of potential.

Each quantum of potential is organised in its own polarised field. Frequently changing from a standing field to a wave, reorganising and integrating in a fluid flux of living potential. To root our mind in our quantum potential opens the ground of our perceptual consciousness, and unfolds our potential into being beyond the polarised conditioned mind.

When the spinal axis and fluid mid line connection between the upper and the lower body are balanced, integrated and charged, a field of magnetised potential arises and circulates globally creating a powerful field of conscious life force that integrates throughout the body-mind as systemic wholeness. In the Daoist arts this is called the macrocosmic orbit. It arises when the fullness of our potential is grounded and stabilised in a body centred consciousness. Generating a field of biodynamic awareness that is rooted in the power of gravity, and centred within the lower body, igniting and streaming the motive force toward a state of cellular systemic cohesion.

Think of the upper and lower body’s energy, neural, and fluid potential as the positive and negative pole of the physical system. When the lower body is grounded in the earth's gravitational field it creates a field of balanced tension that is strong firm and flexible. Stimulating by means of ignition a tidal flow of potential throughout our mid line, that centres in the head and expands into a resonating magnetic field in polar integration with the lower body. The mid line is the longitudinal tide of the motive force flowing between the pelvic and cranial poles. The pelvic pole integrates into the mass of the planet, and the cranial pole into the planetary atmosphere. In the Daoist arts it is called the marriage of Heaven and Earth, the magnetised energy rich quantum field arising between these two poles constitute the personal biosphere.

As we soften and deepen in potential, the field expands beyond the body's Personal Biosphere, integrating with the planetary potential. When our potential and our presence is strong enough it widens into the universal field. As we listen, widen and deepen in our awareness  of  universal potential a microcosmic consciousness awakens into a depth of presence beyond the resonance of light and deepens into the velvet darkness at the heart of the Tao.

 Awaken to the magnetised potential of the personal biosphere and resonate as conscious light, expand into the universal field and deepen into the heart of the Tao.