Welcome to the Gathering Essence teacher training program. To qualify for teacher training at Gathering Essence you need to have been studying with Tez personally for a minimum of one year or have the equivalent training and exposure to Qi/Consciousness studies. This is a unique course encompassing a deep resonance with the life forces and the unfolding of consciousness at a Biodynamic and universal level.

The teaching schedule takes place over six terms. Successful students will be given a certificate in Meditation in Action Qigong. The name Gathering Essence is presently retained for our centre in Broughton St Lane, Edinburgh. This allows practitioners to develop their own teaching style distinct from Gathering Essence.

There is the possibility if the space is available for anyone who is sufficiently interested and competent to become a Gathering Essence Teacher under the Gathering Essence umbrella, and of being invited to train in teaching the advanced skills of The Master Game.

The Master Game is the spiritual dimension of the Gathering Essence Meditation training as taught by Tez. Currently only Ewan Kenny is training to teach in this wing of the work. Implying he has skills in Taiji as well as Meditation, and a complex understanding of field potential and verbal skills; a willingness and ability to dialogue and develop at the cutting edge of The Master Game processes. 

Only practitioners with Gathering Essence Taiji skills will be invited to teach the Master Game classes. This is in order to develop a high level of teaching skill, to propagate all of the Gathering Essence forms, and  to develop the spiritual dimensions of Taiji.

Meditation In Action 
A Gathering Essence
Teacher Training Programme
Integrating With The Creative And Receptive Potential Of The Tao

Year One
Year one consists of mastering the following Meditation In Action forms:

The Union Of Heaven And Earth Brocade

This is a simple form with complex Daoyin potential. The training consists of mastering and teaching the external dynamics of the movement, and in developing the internal Daoyin components. It is a traditional Qigong form in its structure, but it is the basis for all of the Daoyin in both floor and standing forms. It allows you to teach at a basic level, to develop the skill in your own practice, and to deepen your understanding of Daoyin.

A Simple Daoyin Floor Form

Accessing vitality through the integration of the fluid dynamics of the Qi and Blood. Opening into the internal structures and functions of the body-mind connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, bone and marrow. This form clears stagnation throughout the body, mind and brain marrow; it tonifies the Qi and fluid body. Students will be expected to practice diligently. Although this is a simple format it has power and depth. You will be expected to develop a clear understanding of depth potential and the capacity to support the processing of feeling tone in yourself and others in a class context. This will be a short form constructed by you with Tez’s support over the term. You will be expected to introduce it in a class exam context at the end of year one.

A Simple Daoyin Chair Form

Accessing field consciousness and developing Qi potential, this is a basic introduction to the dimensionality of potential and consciousness. This work is in relationship to fire circle dynamics, a powerful meditative group dynamic. Although simple it is profoundly meditative and an important step into developing a multidimensional consciousness. This will also be a short form constructed by you, with support, and taught by you in year two as part of your ongoing assessment.

Developing The Three Treasures

These are the mid line Gathering Essence energy centers, consisting of the Essence of the lower Dantian. The lower Dantian is the gravitational center of Essence, and is our seat of power in the context of vital forces and primary ignition. The middle Dantian consists of the Qi of the heart and lungs. It is the seat of our human potential and is in direct connection to the relational field. It is the primary center for heart ignition. The upper Dantian is the Qi of the brain; it is our Shen, our seat of perception and the primary center for the ignition of field consciousness.

The first stage in alchemical skill is in developing our connection to these centers, it is crucial to the alchemical dynamics of the Master Game. The work begins in accessing and clearing stagnation throughout these centers, and in empowering and connecting all three centers. Resulting in a fluid mid line and a high level of resourced potential at a cellular level, integrated with the all three Dantian. This is the core dynamics of San Zhenxi Taiji.

Spiraling Dragon Taiji

Developing Taiji skills with Tez in a one to one training. This is a unique opportunity to develop the multidimensional qualities of the Qi body within the form and is a profound pathway into the spiritual dimensions of the form, and the core of The Master Game.
This methodology has been developing over the past two years since Tez stopped teaching the form in groups and is particularly useful for people who are familiar with the form. For interested students this part of the training will be carried on into year two. Successful students will receive certification in Spiraling Dragon Taiji as well as Meditation in Action and may qualify to teach under the Gathering Essence banner.  At times the teaching format may include other participants.

Studies, Written Work And Exams

Studies will include a reading list on Taoism, Buddhism, Chinese medicine, aspects of psychology, biodynamic theory and various other spirit and science based literature. These studies will form the basis of the following essays and are also the core aspects of your exams in conjunction with ongoing assessment.
Students will be expected to produce six essays over two years, five of 4500 words and one of 10.000 words.
Within these five you will be expected to type 3000 words on the main theme, and 1500 on your experience of the term. Each 4500-word essay is to be typed and completed by the end of each term.
A possible essay may be as follows:

How did the Chinese concept of Qi express itself in the floor work during this term, and what was its impact on you personally?
The concluding essay of 10.000 words comes at the end of year two, and will be the main criteria for completing the program. Content will be : after the fifth essay by negotiation.

Year Two

 Year two consists of the Gathering Essence primary standing and sitting forms. Due to the development of The Master Game program new forms may arise and be introduced over time. Ewan Kenny may participate in some of the year two session work. The following forms will be also be taught throughout year one, but will have more emphasis in year two.

Yi Qi Jing Ba Mai

1. Developing a complex understanding of the Qi potential of the form and an ability to teach each component individually as a field of potential.
2. Developing the ability to access and teach the Meditative core dynamics of the form in a clear and comprehensive way.
3. Developing mindfulness with condensing and concentration skills,
4. Developing energy-field dynamics, mind state dynamics and working with internal feeling tone.
And for interested students understanding the eight core dynamics of the form in relationship to the Bagua and to the I Ching.

San Zhenxi Taiji

Working with San Zhenxi Taiji Qigong is the cultivation of Essence, Qi and Shen. We can think of our lower Dantian as the root of our fluid potential, as the ‘Water of Life’ and we can think of the motive force as the ‘Fire of Life’ igniting at its core. As we rotate the lower Dantian we stimulate the fluid body and ignite the motive force. This alchemical Qi Gong Meditation transforms Essence into Qi that then migrates along the midline through the diaphragm into the chest. As we rotate the middle Dantian we stimulate and refine the Qi, turning Qi into Shen, our purified consciousness. As we stimulate the upper Dantian we return the Shen toward the universal field. This is in affect the Macrocosmic orbit, much talked about in Qigong circles. The fluid potential unites the Ren and the Du vessels integrating The Yin and Yang Qi as a standing field of potential, a personal biosphere of Creative and Receptive force connected to and sustained by the universal field.

Gathering Essence Yi Qi Jing Ba Mai Meditation is a similar dynamic; the difference with San Zhenzi Taiji is the opening and cultivation of the three Dantian. These three centers are the feeling centers that co-ordinate the core of our deep-seated psycho-physiological and Qi function. Working with the Dantian clears stagnation from these core centers, stimulating the mid line flow of essential forces and nurturing our psycho-physiological consciousness within the integration of the universal field.

Working Directly In Free Form Dynamics

The form work in Gathering Essence leads to a profound integration with the universal potential at the core of life and consciousness, working in a free format is being able to surf universal potential by intention alone, free from fixed form.
There is no fixed format in coming to this level of connection as it is based on insight and is unique in each person’s level of understanding and growth. This aspect of the training will be intimately expressed in some of the spiritual dynamics of the Taiji training and other one to one meditative processes.
In conclusion students will need to attend a basic certificated anatomy course by the end of year two to complete their training.

Training Fees

£4500 over two years.
£2250 per year payable in installments prior to each term; all fees go to Gathering Essence training and development fund. Cheques payable to Gathering Essence.
Fees are inclusive of the following:
Attendance at three classes per week each term, only two classes are compulsory. The third class is offered free of charge as support toward your development.
One of these classes will be the basic teaching development class, but you may be asked when you are more grounded in the work to teach at any class, retreat or weekend workshop. Some of these classes may be videoed and you would be expected to take part if asked. No video of you teaching would be published without your consent.

All of the above classes are primarily with Tez as an apprentice based trainee.
A half hour tutorial after the basic teaching class, throughout all six terms, = 76 one to one tutorials over two years.
Six one to one hour long training sessions with Tez during each term, within his session hours on a Wed, Thurs., Fri or Sat. = 36 one to one sessions over two years.
One retreat per year, compulsory.
One weekend workshop per year, compulsory.

You will be entitled to a place free of charge in the Sunday intensives. They are non-compulsory and are offered as a financial support and resource toward your personal development. A good attendance is a requirement of participation in the course; essays need to be in on time, you can apply for extra time if your circumstances warrant it. For successful applicants a non-refundable deposit of  £300 is required to book your place.

Gathering Essence
Dedicated to meditation and the development of consciousness