This page has information on some of the terminology typical in Daoist energy work, Chinese medicine, Buddhist and Daoist Meditation and consciousness studies.
This page will develop further over time.


Yi - Used here to refer to the inherent wisdom of the mind as a purified intention prior to general conditioning. Includes clarity, clear thinking, tranquility, emotional harmony and peacefulness. In working with the Yi we refine the body-mind complex in all of the above concepts. A calm perceptive mind arises naturaly when the body is clear of stagnation and well resourced. Developing the clarity of mind to see things as they are brings the Yi to a high level of insight. This is a skillbase at the heart of The Master Game.


Qi - Refers to the universal forces and biological life force, and is often translated as energy which is a poor translation. Qi is the depth forces of Yin and Yang animating all of life, our consciousness and the universal forces underpinning matter. In our body Qi nourishes, warms and interconnects as various fields of living potential, inclusive of the universal and earthly forces. Qi is life itself. It is the ancient science of reality studies.


Jing - Meaning the Essential Essence of the body-mind, it nourishes, transforms, develops and evolves. It is the purified substances received from our parents and is the root of our becoming and ongoing development. It is the core substance at the root of the lower Dantian vibrating as Original Qi between the kidneys.

Xue Mai

Xue Mai - Refers to the channels and collaterals carrying predominately blood and Qi. Xue means blood, Mai means vessels or channels and collaterals, and also the idea of a rhythmic tidal flow and pulsation. The fluctuating flow of our fluid body and our energy body functions as the rivers and streams of our vitality and chemistry, flowing throughout our embodiment from the brain and the organs to the tips of our fingers and toes, and outward into our personal field of energy forces surrounding the body.

Jing Mai

Jing Mai -  In this context Jing Mai means to direct the rhythmic and pulsating flow of Essence and Qi through the channels and collateral's of the Qi systemically. This skill is at the core dynamics of Daoyin practice.

Jin Ye

Jin Ye - Refers to the body fluids and there moistening, clearing, eliminating, cleaning and nourishing function. Supporting a unified flow of potency throughout the system. This skill base is also at the heart of Daoyin practice.


Gin - Refers to muscle, tendon, connective tissue, and the organ system.