The Master Game uses many of the core arts of Taoist Meditative internal and external practices. The following are some of the forms in our toolkit. They have all been developed by Tez over many years of practice to further both insight and wellbeing.

Spiralling Dragon Tai Chi (Luoxuan Shi Taiji Long)

I studied Tai Chi Yang style long form with a number of teachers for a few years in my early days of consciousness studies without developing the martial aspects at the depth it deserves. At this level my knowledge and skill have remained superficial. I was hungry for the spiritual and health aspects of the form that arise directly from the energies at the core of Taiji, and worked consistently over the years within the Taoist format and various other systems.

As my understanding of the biodynamic forces of life developed I began to refine the practices I had found useful across all of the systems I had worked with. I came to the conclusion that the Taiji I had practiced was too limiting in terms of integrating the universal forces of reality and developed a short form around the flow of the extraordinary channels, particularly the Dai Mai and it's spiralling dynamics.

I personally found this form profound in terms of universal access and general wellbeing. I stopped teaching the long form and taught the Spiralling Dragon form for a few years. I found it a powerful and enjoyable form which I practice to this day. Currently I only teach it one to one, and use the form to access the deep seated insight at the core of the life force for the wellbeing and development of my students.

In order for the form to propagate I gave my permission to my top student and colleague Ewan Kenny to carry on teaching the form in a class format. It is my hope that the applications in the form will be developed some time in the future by a practitioner with martial aspirations.

Spiralling Dragon Tai Chi
 is a short form developed from Yang stile Tai Chi consisting of spiralling movement and applications that build the Qi body to a high level of potential making the body internally resourced, flexible and fluid. The practice is rooted in the fundamental dynamics of Yin and Yang. The unity and application of Yin and Yang force is at the root of Tai Chi, often written as Taiji or martially as Taiji Chuan. The dynamic tension between Yin and Yang is at the root of Taiji Chuan martial power and is the spiritual core of our nature. It is the expression of Yin and Yang forces in movements as defence and attack that underpin the art of Taiji Chuan.  

To master this profound level of skill is of course a life time's endeavour and yet from the very beginning of practice the forces of Taiji begin to access the functional self-organizing and healing mechanisms of the body-mind, informing the practitioner spiritually, physically and psychically. Over time the form becomes second nature to the attentive and motivated practitioner. It is an excellent short form to recondition the physical body and to develop the Qi toward the high levels of potential implicit in realisation.

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