Principles of practice for beginners 
and intermediate practitioners - 

Regularity, perseverance, consistency,
sublimation, equanimity

Just turning up at class on a regular basis allows the possibility of development. If you are flakey with your attendance you are unlikely to develop, and will probably not get far. These classes are dependent on your energy and participation, as is your personal understanding of the life force and depth of mindfulness as your consciousness grows. The Body-mind has its own language, it takes time to learn it, and a willingness to work with feelings and sensations. A willingness to develop awareness of your personal processes and attitudes. Gradually a sense of energy unfolds and you begin to become aware of a greater sense of being. Our consciousness becomes palpable and integrates with the fullness of our body and the planetary energies nourishing our being. 


Regular practice develops your skillbase in energy dynamics and meditation, it open you body and your mind, supporting your personal insight to unfold and grow. It develops your body to a greater sense of wellbeing and good function. It places you at the centre of the forces of nature upholding your consciousness and spirit.


Perseverance gives you the time to develop and to understand the subtle language of the body-mind. Without perseverance your energy body will be unable to develop and your understanding will remain superficial.


Consistency gives you depth of understanding and allows the body and the mind to clear blockages. It clears the mind of ignorance by bringing it into the present, and opens the body to its energy field in a conscious way by clearing stagnation.


Sublimation arrises with the practice of perseverance and consistency, as the mind clears and the forces of habituation fall away a deeper sense of awareness clarifies. As the body clears a deeper sense of coherence manifests within the body as a feeling of connectedness and wellbeing. Sublimation clears stagnation, tonifies and regulates, bringing the body and the mind toward a level of presence and vibrant wellbeing at greater and greater depth of understanding and access.


Equanimity develops calmness and composure internally with one's own mind and feeling states, and externally with one's experience in the world. We become less reactive and able to deal with our feeling and sensation with more composure and understanding. We learn to cultivate our life force by not squandering it with pointless reactiveness and undermining attitudes. We learn to surf the world with presence of mind, and depth of understanding. We learn to inhabit with depth and clarity the very nature of our being by clearing our deep seated field of consciousness of false beliefs and habituated habits. We learn how we build our internal world free from stagnant forces.

If you are a consciousness player on your own living in an other country, or working from home, the same principles apply. Whether you are in Beijing, London, Europe, America. Connect in, attend retreats, work with it, come into depth realisation.

If you are interested in The Master Game and living in another country come to our
retreats, they have depth and potency and will support all of the above.