Principles of practice for advanced players

In making a movement toward consciousness, and in building Qi potential, the smart way forward is to listen to the truth of one's embodiment.
From the manual of potential by the minister of awakening
Advanced practice implies a good degree of willingness, understanding and Qi development. Unlikely without regular practice in both movement and sitting forms. For people interested in deepening their development we have organised the Friday evening class in studio1. Currently the criteria for this class is attendance at a minimum of one other class, and attendance at most of the Sunday morning intensives, or at least one retreat. It takes real effort to build the Qi body and clear the heart and mind. A good attendance in this class is both a priority and a commitment of support to the class.

Persistence, consistency, and sublimation further development. The Friday Master Game class, retreats, workshops and Sunday intensive Daoyin practise are rooted in these qualities; dissolving the hard edge and grooves of deep seated conditioned states that close down clear and open perception and connection to the fullness of being.

Understanding the core dynamics of our life force, (Qi potential) is the ground of an energy based meditative practice. If we have no feel for Qi potential then although our cognitive consciousness is dependent on potential, it will be disassociated from its origin, and fixated in duality. Our practice will tainted by the streaming of potential according to the flow of cognitive habituation.
The mind commands the potential, the light of potential is the illumination of the present, the seed and the forces of becoming, and of course the pathway home.
From the manual of potential by the minister of navigation 
Be aware, be mindful! The mind commands the potential regardless of awareness. When in a state of ignorance the general view will be somewhere other than the living now, consciousness will be limited in both presence and potential. The art of returning our flow of awareness inward to the motive force, arising at the source of ignition underpinning the purity of presence, is a primary rule in the manual of potential. Observe, apply!
Don't be flakey

To listen with clear attention to the engine of being, is to be here now; sustained in the buoyancy of potential. To build and sustain the power of potential is to widen and deepen into the richness of existence; within both form and the formless flow manifesting the ocean of being. Once returned to the consciousness of the flow of potential, the mindful surfer Gathers the Essence of being and reigns in cognitive consciousness. The forces of potential condense as liquid light in the fluid body of the physical being.

Our body-mind consciousness undergoes a transmigration into the purity of undifferentiated awareness. The motion of polarity reveals itself as the flux and flow of change inherent in universal potential, and as ripples in the filament of space and time. Nothing remains the same for long as potential is by nature unstable, it moves in field and wave,
changing, changing.
Only the stillness beyond potential, the unspeakable Tao, the SOURCE is unchanging. Stillness itself is the organising principle in nature. It arises from no-thing.
From the manual of  revelation by the minister of mystery
The mind and the body are empowered by the Qi potential arising directly from the source of being at the root of ignition of our biodynamic potential. Empowerment is directly accessed by means of tidal ignition between the forces of the living universal field, the cellular body, and the planetary field. Potential manifests as wave or field, wave flows and field radiates. They are two tendencys of one electrodynamic force.
This is a fine way forward

Endurance in consciousness is expressed by the strength of the frequency of bio-electromagnetic force, and is upheld by the chemistry and the intelligence of our biology. The faster the frequency the wider the field, the slower the frequency the deeper the field, when fast and slow frequency integrate our magnetic potential expands/deepens and stabilises. 

The stronger the potential the more stable the frequency and vibration of the field. The weaker the potential the more unstable the frequency of the field, and yet strong and weak are of the same potential. Potential and frequency are in constant flow and flux, always seeking greater ground and original source.

Potential is basically dualistic according to the laws of nature, which are ultimately beyond personal control! Such is the nature of the potential streaming reality
. A big and stable awareness of potential can appear non-dual, because for a time it is experienced as a unified field. Field phenomena is in constant flux and flow; a unified field is temporary, coming and going according to the complexity of the mass of the field itself.
The real non-dual is beyond potential. 
From the manual of potential by the minister of awakening
We see and feel only where our minds are located in our field of awareness, the field is vast and deep, widen and deepen your perspective. Habitual cognition is generally contracted, causing the depth of mind to remain hidden. The Qi/consciousness is forced into darkness. Unprocessed content is Qi rich, it is contracted and has mass. Learn to soften. Oh! and carry less, widen and deepen your perspective.
Learn to surf, go with the flow

Sentience is dependent on the available potential engaged in the way of perception, cognition and awareness. To truly know this is the primary key to freedom from ignorance. To truly know that greater access to potential is inherent to the nourished body-mind free from habituated contraction, is to be free to surf the flow and flux of reality as both sentience and universal awareness.

"Learn to deepen, feel the flow, cogitate"

The Master Game develops potential and flexibility of access between the differing levels of frequency within our embodiment/consciousness and universal consciousness. Operating within eight distinct stations of change.

Understanding grows with the Gathering of Essence and the stabilisation of cognition within the core dynamics of Qi. They are as follows:

  • Awareness of ignition - Ignition takes place anywhere that a state of combustion arises in the Qi field. Mental focus implies the drawing together of potential, strong focus creates the conditions for combustion.
  • Awareness of flow - Flow takes place anywhere where the current of Qi moves in a wave like manner.
  • Awareness of radiating Qi - Radiating Qi takes place when the Qi oscillates from a centralising pivot.
  • Awareness of Electromagnetic fields - Electromagnetic fields takes place when the Qi circulates, and the field stabilises in polarity, the negative and positive poles are in balance creating a unified field.
  • Awareness of expansion in the Qi field - Expansion happens when the Qi vibrates and heats up goes into ignition and combustion, and expands externally.
  • Awareness of condensing Qi - Condensing Qi happens when the Qi cools down and gets denser, taking on more mass.
  • Awareness of polarity - Polarity is the way of becoming, it is the core dynamic of change.
  • Awareness of stillness - Stillness is the essence of formlessness at the core of form.
The nature of existence is field within field within field, a symphony of potential singing into reality the songs of all existence. All things oscillate and change, feel the vibe.
From the manual of potential by the minister for vibration
Meditative practice is based on the concentration of potential until it is potent enough to stabilise the cognitive forces that drive the engine of the thinking mind. With enough concentrated potential cognitive consciousness changes state from word association within the neural complex, to a standing field of potential that floats in the radiance of transcendent force. This radiant field is itself dependent on the energy rich nutrient of our biology. When the Qi potential is exhausted radiance collapses and cognition returns to the conditioned streaming of the thinking function, or flatlines into exhaustion. Even at high levels of concentrated potential the thinking function dominates at a core level due to the conditioning during the growth of our mental and physical body.
Zening is good

The art of returning the cognitive forces to the ground of emergence of our primary energy field is the direct way to our original nature. By following the forces back into our primary source of ignition the possibility of aligning our cognitive consciousness with its primordial source arises. The mindful meditator centres awareness in both potential and in the stillness of the origin manifesting form.

Be tranquil and fluid in both movement and stillness, deepen into potential, flow toward its origin. By following the flow and seeking the source, we master the way.
From the manual of potential by the minister for direction

This page will be updated in response to practitioners questions - feel free to ask.
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