The Breath of Life and Primary Respiration

Understanding Primary Respiration is deeply supportive and so helpful to wellbeing and to preparing the ground for the possibility of genuine realisation; of getting a feel for our true nature, of living within a depth of being that is truly engaged with our energy in an embodied and conscious manner. Preparing the ground is getting a feel for the forces that underlay our body and our thinking mind. Many people call it an “energy field” in the context that it is so subtle and vibrant. It is something like this:

“You know those times when there is just this soft easy place, relaxed and energetically vibrant, spacious, tender even, and perhaps occasionally for some people, once in a while, an expansion of awareness so powerful, that it takes our breath away.”

This is the kind of ground we are discussing. It often has a quiet, soft, easy feel, maybe even blissful, and yet relatively ordinary. It appears to be temporary at least in intensity, one doesn’t quite know how it got there, or where it goes, but we are left with a sense of quiet wonderment; we often call it grace. We are left with the taste of goodness, of rightness. If it happens in nature we tend to equate it with what we see and feel, a stream, a waterfall, rolling hills, blue sky, the breeze and the sun on one’s skin. 

These kinds of communion can and often silence the noise of the mind long enough for a sense of presence to arise with enough subtly to become aware of the energies of our life force and its relatedness to the life surrounding us. Sometimes we may experience a depth of presence that cannot be fathomed but only embraced. Yet we tend not to perceive it as part of who we are, as somehow not part of our nature; and all too soon it is gone and we have once again our usual sense of self, a feeling of separation and for many people a feeling of alienation and psychological unease.

Often we do not have the time or even the inclination to think about it, or cultivate its potential. At times the mind is just so overflowing with thoughts, emotions, and worries that we rarely ever rest in any depth, and then not even nature can kiss away our quickening desperation, or blow away the psychological clouds that engulf us. We become lost in our separation, in our doing and our beliefs.

Connecting with the life force as part of our understanding, as part of our embodiment begins the process of returning home toward the ground of what we are, where we can become full and grounded at depth in a sense of well being. The Breath of Life is the universal potential at the root of our being and Primary Respiration is the transmigration of its potential, breathing the integrity of our embodiment. The Breath of Life is the living energy field underlying all existence, where we are one together.

Primary Respiration is  the Breath of Life’s dynamic pulsating vibrating tide of living potential, it’s inhalation and it’s exhalation. At this tidal level of manifestation there is no unease or separation. Yet it is so subtle that we generally do not feel it. Our minds are too hooked into a grosser sense of self, too caught up in strong feelings, too caught up in thinking or dreaming to perceive our field of potential with any depth.

But! As the witness we should understand the field is not our absolute nature, rather it could be described as the breath of the absolute, or as the ground of our emergence manifesting life’s potential. Let’s try to take this a little deeper, and perhaps make it a little clearer.

It could be said that...

“Primary Respiration is the personalising and individuating potency of the universal field, it is the motive force of the Breath of Life, the breath of the absolute crystallising in the flesh and radiating systemically, as the organising principle of the body-mind, as vibrant presence and creative intelligence; as the primary vehicle for the purity of awareness.”

This however, is a very condensed statement without much meaning for most people. Let’s try to break that down a little. At a very fine level of feeling one can perceive an inhalation of vibrant forces that is not our ordinary breath, it is something deeper, more profound. As it builds in intensity an expanding field of potential seems to arise throughout the subtle ground of our feeling tone, it is within the depth of our embodiment and yet beyond it. It seems to arise from nowhere or everywhere at once, so in a sense it has no one direction off flow, it is not longitudinal in direction like a river, rather it is global, expanding everywhere at once. It then seems to drop away, to exhale, to deepen, also everywhere at once. For this reason it is categorised as a kind of respiration, a breath of subtle force that appears to breathe and intensify as vibrancy and as presence. So it is not something we produce, but rather it is a constant respiration of Qi potential rising and falling, maintaining the potency of our personal field of existence through a tidal connection to the universal field.

Some confusion can arise when we tune in, not knowing if the tide is out or the tide is in. The exhalation and the inhalation of the tidal flow feel’s very different, inhalation has more vibrant sparkle, more  space and buoyancy, where depth feels more grounded, no excitement. When we consciously acknowledge and support both levels of our Primary Respiration it can be perceived to build in our embodiment as a greater field of potential, that is grounded with depth and expansion. We then come to realise our personal field of creation, our evolutional drive, our personal individuating biosphere of potential. When our potency and intention is strong the field stabilises and a sense of the universal field arises as great space, great peace, great stillness. It is here when we look back into the naked depth of our awareness that the velvet darkness of our origin may show itself; where understanding goes beyond the experiencer and the field of potential, where there is no light no excitement, where a genuine boundless wholeness prevails.

For many of us when we tune in to access Primary Respiration we may become caught in a web of unease, where grosser feeling states override our capacity to feel into more subtle realms. When needed, when we can’t move past these feeling states it is best to explore them, to acknowledge their sensation and their mental feeling tone, to process our feelings and sensations and develop more equanimity of mind, becoming a little clearer and softer in our perception. In this way we can clear the body-mind of stagnant forces and beliefs. Where possible we simply acknowledge these states and their conditions then let them go, we stay focussed, and we go deeper into finer sensations, toward the fullness and vibrancy of the Qi field. 

Let’s just stop there for a moment and tune in. Place your attention in your body, let go of any gross sensation, fall into the subtle deeper feeling tones and rhythms and breath for a while. Let your perception widen out, feel that process, let it deepen. It may take time for the mind to soften and engage. There is just a sense of soft alertness, a kind of listening, relaxing, deepening, expanding, allowing a stillness to arise, and with that, becoming softly awake, aware, gently alert……..

Did you manage to allow more depth, a deeper sense of presence, a sense of the field?  Perhaps you became engaged in a peripheral state, a strong feeling tone, or a thought process. Sometimes that is just how it is. There is too much static, too much traffic. The mind is overwhelmed with feeling and gross sensation. Lets take a look at the following statement

“Primary Respiration is an organising principle, that maintains our field of existence and all which that implies.”

Our body and our mind are rooted in the forces of matter, they are matter, as is the brain and its persona. These aspects are our material nature and our personalising self. Our form and mind maintains it’s function from the food we eat and the air we breath. However they are also in constant communication and dependent on a deeper level of energy prior to form, our field of existence! It manifests as an organising energy matrix which hold together and informs the integrity of our form and the integrity of our thinking mind. It is the root potential of our personal energy field, the vibrancy of our being. At this depth Primary Respiration is our direct relationship to spirit manifesting as a morphogenic field of conscious energy. It is maintaining the integrity and the systemic organisation of our body-mind, our organs, our brain, and so forth.

The process of Primary Respiration is one of energy becoming individuated and ordering our living matter in a systemic way. It is also the process of matter returning to energy in an ordered and coherent way. It has the potential of returning directly to source, to the absolute! It is a two way flow of living intelligence, the very spirit of consciousness communing with the absolute and with the creative drive of our becoming. Spirit is the creative force organising and evolving our biology, our psyche and our becoming. Let’s repeat the following:

“Primary Respiration is the personalising and individuating potency of the universal field, it is the motive force of the Breath of Life, the breath of the absolute crystallising in the flesh and radiating systemically, as the organising principle of the body-mind, as vibrant presence, and creative intelligence; as the primary vehicle for the purity of awareness.”

To explore these realms is to develop a biodynamic consciousness of being through our field of potential. Indeed our field of potential is the ground of our being arising from the universal field, the vibrancy that individuates and sustains a body-mind consciousness. If this is so, the question arises are we the field? Are we the body-mind that is sustained and organised by the field? Are we the universal field? Are we something deeper? Is there an absolute beyond physical space-time and psychological time? If so, can we prepare the ground to support this purity of awareness? These are some of the important questions in the Master Game cultivating an understanding of the ground of being toward the realisation of the Absolute.

In Gathering Essence Meditation we call the cultivation of the ground of being the Master Game. It is composed of the cultivation of various qualities, some of which are, Essence, Qi and Shen, movement and stillness, ignition, fluid potency, expansion and illumination, clarity and consciousness and awareness, Primary Respiration, and the stabilisation of our personal biosphere. These qualities are supported by Primordial and Embryonic Respiration. They allow the possibility of tasting the Absolute as we follow the energy back into its origin…..